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Software Implementation

Database Management Tools

Database Management Tools are a collection of programs that enable you to store, modify, and extract information from a database. We have expertise in creating such tools that can pull out information at your convenience.

Employee Management Tools

These are internal tools to record the signing in and signing out of an employee. We create tools that produce systematic records of each employee’s attendance information, which can be later used to make business decisions.

Project Management Tools

Project-specific tools are needed to handle processes pertaining to individual projects. They can be customized according to the type of project and its requirements.

Contact/ Lead Management Tools

One of the primary services provided by our company is determining the right solution that will meet your company’s sales lead management needs. We differentiate Techknowsource by providing sales lead management solutions for both client server and hosted platforms.

CRM/ Sales Force/SugarCRM Management Tools

Selling is the mantra of the times. Every company in the market is striving to up its sales. If you want your sales results to be exceptional, you need to save as much time as possible needed to do repetitive work so that your sales force can work on what they do best—sell. We can create a software for you that will eliminate or streamline all the repetitive tasks. Our tools will allow your service agents to easily identify new opportunities and promotions with triggers that alert them to revenue opportunities.