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Open source System Consulting

Open Source systems are full free softwares provided with code, so that anyone can change and modify source code and design a system based of requirements. Open source customzation provided by us is totally robust, secure and unique solution. We are more expert in customization and modification for open sources with the module development, pluggin development or integration of modules and pluggins for mostly each kind or open sources. Our open source solutions are full flexible and more efficient.
open-source softwares and open source solutions has become an increasingly mainstream part of the market. This has been supported by the growth of the internet, including the continued market dominance of Apache, and the mindshare of Linux.
Facility of content management systems (CMS) has seen particularly strong growth in open-source solutions, perhaps in direct response to the very high prices that commercial CMSs have historically demanded.

  • Strengths of Open source solutions:
  • Low Cost
  • Minimize the Development time

We provides the following facilities for the open source customization, Customizing the CMS to match specific business needs

  • Integrate the CMS with other business systems
  • Developing templates, CSS and publishing code
  • Reviewing, restructuring and creating content
  • Conducting usability tests, both on the site and the CMS
  • Providing training to administrator and end users.
  • Conducting communication and change management activities.